Dr. Syed Sirajuddin is a renowned physician and cupping therapy expert. It is his aim to support patients in their healthcare plan and to provide quality care to them. He has attended advanced study courses on naturopathy, iridology reflexology, and specially cupping therapy (HIJAMA) from experienced and competent health professional experts. His achievements are many in the field of healthcare. As listed,

  1. He started his practice in Bangalore in the year 1986.
  2. Founder of Health and Hijama Clinic, India in the year 2008.
  3. Health and Hijama Clinic is the first exclusive Hijama Cupping Therapy Clinic in Bangalore.
  4. He is the pioneer in establishing most advanced and hygienic Cupping Center in India.
  5. His articles are published in various newspapers including Daily Salar where his articles regarding Hijama and Good Health are published every Sunday.
  6. His health discussions have been telecasted in many TV channels including DD Chandana, ETV Urdu, IBN7 etc. in Hindi, English, and Urdu.
  7. Thousands of patients got cured by his treatment through Hijama.
  8. He has been appreciated for his work and is honoured with the prestigious award “EXCELLENCE IN HIJAMA.”
  9. He and his team of doctors has received “HEALTHCARE INNOVATOR OF YEAR 2015” award at The Ashok, New Delhi. This event was telecasted in the news bulletins and published in newspapers.
  10. He is the pioneer of using single remedies as well as combination according to patient’s condition and has achieved exceptionally good cure rate.
  11. He has delivered many informative lectures on HIJAMA at many events to spread awareness on Hijama in Karnataka, New Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharastra.
  12. Dr. Syed Sirajuddin has received many Best Doctor and Best Clinic appreciations.
  13. He has delivered many national and international seminar and conference speeches and has participated in many conferences regarding Healthcare.
  14. He has imparted his knowledge and expertise to hundreds of doctors through different seminars and training sessions.